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If you are a visionary, we want to partner with you to tackle your most difficult challenges

Tell us where your business processes can benefit from software automation and improved efficiencies and we’ll deliver – affordably – using the Microsoft products you already have. Let’s build something great together!

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Special Offer

Stop Fake Emails in Forms

Do you have forms on your website that are filled out with fake emails? Now there is a way to prevent your form submission until a real working email is entered.

Only after a validated email is entered will the form information be allowed in your email box or entered into backend applications like CRM’s.

Contact us today to add this affordable solution to all your online forms and provide faster response to real people interested in your product or service. Regain precious time wasted cleaning up fake accounts from backend applications and email accounts.


Our Methodology

Solutions To Fit Any Style

When it comes to look and feel (UI/UX), everyone has their own style. The way an application functions is only part of the solution. It is equally important for your design to be intuitive and user friendly as well. If people don’t like using what you created or get frustrated because it is overly complex, it really isn’t what you need… right?

At QuixTec we don’t do cookie-cutter. We do dynamic, intuitive user experiences. It can be as unique as any business or as conservative. We deliver custom developed applications with the style that fits your specific organization and user requirements.

Let’s put your Microsoft 365 stack to work for you so that your team has more time for your business.

Our Services

Microsoft Office 365 and Mobile App Development

All businesses large to small are experiencing the advantages of allowing work-forces to work remotely. Now more than ever, the UI/UX experience is crucial to garner adoption and ensure users are happy to use your in-house applications, intranet and website. We all know what bad design does to our productivity. Work with QuixTec and deliver power-packed, user-pleasurable designs for your teams that improve productivity. Let’s get started today.


Our Services

Microsoft 365 Cloud Development

Microsoft Office 365 is now referred to as Microsoft 365. No changes have been made to your subscriptions so your teams are not impacted. However, if your organization has over 50 users you may qualify for a licensing discount through QuixTec. Call and ask about this and other product licensing like Windows Server, SQL Server, SharePoint Server and more.  Ask about our discounted 501(c)(3) plans.

If you have all the licenses you need, call upon QuixTec to deliver your next project.

Migrating to the cloud provides the following benefits:

  • Cost Savings
  • Virtualization
  • Easy to Manage
  • Faster Upgrades and Scalable
  • Pay as you need
  • Enhanced Security
  • DR and Recovery Options
  • Geo-Locations
  • Reduced Hacking Impacts


Our Services

Application Development

Tell us about the application needed to solve your complex business challenges and the legacy systems involved and we provide an in-depth description of the deliverables, scope of work with specific costs and delivery timeline.

Prototyping, wireframes and mockups are provided depending upon complexity of the application and risk levels.

Need custom API’s? Need Middleware transformation from a legacy system to a new one? Need something built from scratch? We’ve got the experts you need.

From inception to launch the entire process is managed through a strict DevOps process with plenty of visibility into QA and usability feedback.

Share your RFP and let QuixTec give you a free, no obligation quote. It’s as easy as typing contactus@quixtec.com. 


Our Services

Ai / ML

When you need Artificial Intilligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to intelligently respond to repetitive mundane tasks to free up time and increase efficiencies our AI/ML consultants and developers have experience with:

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Data Mining
  • Data-driven IoT
  • Cognitive Modeling
  • Machine Learning Modeling

If you need Ai consulting we would like to discuss your needs. Some common topics:

  • Tensorflow Development
  • Intelligent Workflow Development
  • Chatbots

Let’s work together to redefine how your business operates by integrating Ai power. We are just a button click away.


Our Services

Website Builds & ReBuilds

Need to update an old website or start from scratch? QuixTec can build it OR help you build it yourself with no-code solutions. Whether your website has plain pages or requires a shopping cart, videos and memberships, you can learn to do-it-yourself. For enterprise organizations we can custom code using HTML5 and a host of other web technologies for highest performance and large audiences. See a few of our technologies below.


Our Services

Custom Development

We write using the top programming languages and even have expertise with some of the legacy languages. If you have a custom developed application that needs some TLC or modifications we’re the perfect fit for your team.

If you don’t see your programming language listed below contact us to inquire about yours. More often than not we are able to jump right in.



Our People

Find Experts For Any Project

We enjoy talking to customers about their vision to improve business processes.  We don’t expect to be hired every time you call us. Often, we provide details about how to do it yourself or to try a better solution that is more efficient and future-proofed. We want to earn your trust and establish an ongoing relationship. When your project is ready, we’ll be here for you.

Popular Roles

Requirement Gathering

QuixTec digs deep into your technology pathway – past, current and present. We identify your business strategies and align with industry directions to future-proof your project.

User Interface Designer

UI design is critical to a projects success if you want it to be intuitive, functional and save time. Spending time and resources up front with UI design will pay dividends throughout your project lifecycle.

Technical Writers

Whether you need a User, Technical or Functional document, QuixTec has the perfect documentation expert for your team.


We strategize industry changes and how the solution we build for you will be impacted.

We consider content relavency to avoid duplication and unnecessary steps that will waste your users time.

We balance the needs of all stakeholders to ensure the delivery matches expectations.


Ai Consultant

To effectively implement artificial intelligence within your business processes our consultant will help identify trends that currently might not be apparent. Most businesses can implement Ai learning in their mobile and web solutions today.

Let us explain how you can benefit from advances in Ai and the competitive advantage gained for your business.

Reach out to talk to one of our Ai consultants today. We’ll review your project at a high level and rough ball-park the LOE and budget requirments.


Product Development

Your have a clear vision of your solution. Now bring it into reality. This is where QuixTec shines. Let us provide the engineers you need so we can roll our sleeves up, dig in and deliver it.


Prototyping can be utilized in many stages of a system’s design. Most often this is reserved for more complex solutions and where the cost of prototyping can offset potentially very costly redesigns.

In most cases, wireframes or mockups are sufficient.

QuixTec can provide resources for both of these project resources.

Front-End Developer

QuixTec provides front end developers who will translate user stories from your DevOps / Agile process, prototypes and mockups into rock-solid websites, applications, mobile apps and more.

Back-End Developer

Many solutions utilize information from other systems and we have experts who can work in the back-end to make the information available to your front-end developers.

Some systems do not readily talk to each other so API’s can be written by our developer. In cases of legacy or proprietary systems, BizTalk Server, a middleware product from Microsoft, can be used to transform the data between disparate systems.

A common uses of BizTalk is in SWIFT MT message transmissions commonly used in high-value / low-volume payment processing. Microsoft provides the A4SWIFT accelerator that very accurately pre-validates all SWIFT formats. Any system can take advantage of Microsoft BizTalk capabilities to send and receive SWIFT formatted messages.

Quality Assurance

While development iterations are occurring week-after-week, an ongoing QA process audits and analyzes every aspect of the solution to ensure it meets requirements and all stakeholders expectations.

Communications between our QA expert, developers and stakeholders is crucial to your project success.


Whether your business is a small startup or large enterprise with dozens of legacy systems, we have experts for you who are accustomed to working cross-team and cross-platform.

IT Governance

If you need dedicated governance to monitor and manage the ongoing effort of your IT ecosystem so that it effectively supports your organization, our team at QuixTec can help.


In the early days of running a business or enterprise on software, the business was at the top of the pyramid. After many years, as IT evolved and matured,  it seemed as if the business customer moved to the bottom of that pyramid. DevOps solves this by including Business Operations within the Agile management process. Hire our DevOps experts for your next project. Agile DevOps, AWS DevOps, Microsoft DevOps ((AKA Visual Studio) and other methodologies.

About Us

Microsoft Technology
DevOps, Support & Training

QuixTec is a Microsoft Certified Partner located in Seattle. Our services fit any sized organization. Some of the services we offer include Microsoft 365, SharePoint development services, Power Apps, mobile app development and custom software development.  The Microsoft 365 technology stack and web development are two of our superpowers.

We have a “do-it-yourself” belief system and enjoy helping our clients help themselves to create autonomy and reduce costs. It’s easier than you think.

If you want to integrate changes into a current solution or build from scratch, we’ve got you covered! Hire our expert engineers today.

Our Reputation


{QuixTec has not only delivered more functionality than we originally scoped for our SharePoint project but they also came in under our budget. They really know their stuff when it comes to building something that is user friendly and intuitive. In fact, our newest employee required nearly no direction to use our automated intake form. I highly recommend QuixTec to anyone who needs seasoned IT professionals.
John leders
IT Director ReCycle Bikes
{Richard is a very driven, honest, and motivated individual. As a COO and CEO he has the unique ability to manage complex projects and meet milestones with multiple constraints.
Karl Solid
{Richard is an excellent project manager and educator and has been invaluable as we learn to navigate owning and operating our own business. He helped us to build a beautiful, properly functioning website while keeping costs manageable, alerting us to avoidable pitfalls, and keeping us on task to push through the more difficult phases of branding, site speed, SEO, and many other issues we never could have figured out if not for his guidance. Richard is honest, communicative, detail-oriented, and quick to respond to questions and offer suggestions to improve site performance and enhance our messaging. We have recommended him and his company to others and will continue to do so with enthusiasm. He truly wants the best outcome for his clients and puts in the work to make it happen while being mindful of budget and value-add opportunities. We are grateful for his knowledge, his patience, and the team he has put together. There is no-one we would rather have guiding our tech processes!
Darien Grove
Owner PTNW
{Richard was one of the most dedicated professionals. Insightful, reliable and well educated Sr. Project Manager with a great skill to analyze and summarize ideas. Great, motivated and strong. Multi-skilled, open minded, wise and deadline oriented co-worker. His open-minded approach could not be overestimated. It's been a real pleasure working together with him. Creative Project Manager. Thanks to interpersonal skills he has great relations with both company clients and potential customers.
Sean Van Norman
Co-Owner NVN Consulting
{When the idea for our business first came about, researching and finding out the many faces of owning and operating a business were a given. The most difficult and terrifying—yes, for me, terrifying, aspect was the one of Technology. Not just Technology, but everyyything that goes with that term! Building a website delayed the dream, because my insecurity about how to even begin, was overwhelming at the time. Many options were available, and we decided on Richard, because of his knowledge in all applications of the technical side, he knew the lingo required and where it needed to be, his connections and background, his patience and common sense. We are, thanks to Richard and his expertise, fully functional and integrated for where we need to be at this point in our business, confidently knowing that the “Technical” side of things show well, provide an easy experience for our customers, and as we grow, Richard is several steps ahead of us on how to apply what’s needed next. Thank you, Richard Quatier, for all you have done for us to take the worry out of this part of running a business!
Lee Grove
{We were given a very hard task of completing a real estate project management and real estate asset management data base technology platforms and QuixTec has delivered on time, under budget with great results. I highly recommend and endorse QuixTec for all your technology needs. They're the best!
Vahak Agojian
Global Real Estate Director World Vision International

Our Resources

MICROSOFT Technical Bulletins

Teams Cheat Sheet

Teams Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Experts, SharePoint Development Services From Custom GuideFree to use and distribute - no strings attached Download this TEAMS Cheat Sheet. It is a useful reference guide. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FREE! BULLETIN END QuixTec provides this...

View Together Mode for Everyone

View Together Mode for Everyone

Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Experts From Microsoft CorporationTechnical Bulletin MC373879 · Published May 4, 2022 Message Summary Microsoft Teams users in a meeting will soon have the option to turn on Together Mode for all participants in a meeting. This message...

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It takes a full-time effort just to keep up with IT industry changes but today’s applications reduce the complexity of the past. And if you have Office 365, with Microsoft’s award winning “Low Code” development processes, you can begin fostering a “Do it yourself” business climate. After that, just rely upon QuixTec to deliver more elaborate design requirements.

Call today to schedule your project and work with our team to deliver the perfect solution. It’s never too late or too early to get started.

QuixTec, LLC is a U.S. certified Veteran Owned, modern DevOps organization that specializes in a pletheora of IT Industry Software languages including Microsoft Technologies, like Office 365, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Yammer, Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft PowerBi, Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Bookings, Microsoft Power Virtual Agent, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Lists, Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Sway, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft DevOps, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft DotNet and other technologies for small to enterprise-sized organizations.

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