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Migrate To Microsoft Azure

with a Microsoft Partner

Secure and reliable Azure hosting by Microsoft is an excellent choice for scalability and security. Let our team take you to the cloud.

Security Audits

Annual security audits ferret out weak areas and help provide peace of mind throughout your entire organizaton.

Improved Security

Critical business assets are securely protected against threats especially if you implement a rigorous backup and failover process.

Secure Migration

Migrate in-house SharePoint Server, SQL Server, Windows Server, Exchange Server and more to the cloud to reduce costs.


Azure Security

  • Microsoft’s annual cybersecurity R&D exceeds 1 billion.
  • Over 3,500 security experts secure your data.
  • Azure tops all other cloud providers in certifications.

Dedicated Host Pricing

Your dedicated host charge remains the same regardless of the number of VM’s you actively run. You still need SW licenses as they are not included in your monthly hosting cost. Contact us to discuss enterprise discounts to Microsoft Software licenses.


What We Offer

QuixTec will architect an optimized roadmap for your cloud services. We measure past and current growth and future business plans to predict future requirements. We want your infrastrucure to be so efficient and reliable that you almost forget it exists.

Cloud Hosting Expertise

We’ll migrate from your current location to the cloud without losing any data or downtime. We know the right tools for accomplishing management tasks quuickly.

Cloud Strategy

Experienced in architecting, scalability, high availability and failover processes to right-size your environment and protect your data from loss.

Cloud Migrations

The right roadmap to migrate to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 is just one phone call away. Let QuixTec experts plan and guide you through the entire migration effort.


Building For Security & HA

We’ve all experienced issues when our laptops or desktops fail and important data is lost. One computer is tough enough to recover from. Our goal is to architect infrastructures where business outages never happen but plan as though it could. 

Today, maintaining high availability (HA) to your business IT infrastructure is easier and more affordable than ever. Let us show you how.

Microsoft SharePoint Server

We can speed up your SharePoint sites and protect the critical data through HA, Failover, Migrations and multi-server solutions.

Hybrid Environments

If you still want to maintain some control in-house, let us help you create a hybrid environment using dedicated cloud services.

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