MAJOR UPDATE: New App: Microsoft Bookings

MC210708, Stay Informed, Published date: Apr 25, 2020


Microsoft Bookings to be added as an Office 365 App

Major Update: Announcement
Applies to: All

Updated April 27, 2020: With this update we are providing guidance on how to limit access for specific users through policy restrictions. Policy changes made now will be honored when Bookings is available in mid-May. Please see Get access to Microsoft Bookings for more details.

Microsoft Bookings, a self-service scheduling tool, will be available as an Office 365 web app in mid-May. We identified an issue where the original communication, MC209154 (April 10), did not reach the entire target audience. We apologize for the delay in the communication and are working to ensure we provide more timely communication in the future.Key point summary

  • Major category: new service
  • Deployment date: mid-May
  • Deploy to: E3 and E5 licenses
  • Control availability: tenant level control via UI or PowerShell; user-level controls available by end of April.

How does this affect me?

Microsoft Bookings makes it easier for your users to manage appointments both inside and outside of your organization. With this update, Bookings will transition from an add-in to an integral part of Office 365.

Microsoft Bookings will be On by default, which gives all of your users the ability to create and manage a Microsoft Bookings mailbox and calendar.

  • Administrators can turn Microsoft Bookings Off for their organization.
  • In the near future, administrators will be able to limit Microsoft Bookings to specific users within the organization. We will update this post with those details when they are available.

Your end users will access Bookings from the Office 365 App Launcher  in the upper left corner of the browser in Office 365. As a web application, Bookings is only accessible online.

Bookings in app launcher

What do I need to do to prepare?

When this change takes effect, you will need to verify that “Allow Microsoft Bookings” is set for the experience you prefer.

  • To allow all of your users access to Bookings, there is no action required. This is the default.
  • To turn Bookings Off for your entire tenant, follow the instructions detailed in this support document.
  • If you would like to limit access to Bookings, you can use a Mail Policy (via PowerShell) and grant only specific users the ability to create Bookings pages. Get access to Microsoft Bookings

If you choose to allow access to Bookings, consider updating your user documentation and training. Learn more about Bookings in the enterprise.

Note: If Bookings is currently enabled in your tenant via the “Business Apps (Free)” add-on, existing Microsoft Bookings mailboxes and related data will not be impacted by this change.Additional information