KnowBe4 Free Webinar: How Hackers & Defenders Battle for your Network Control

Please consider attending this informative free Webinar presented by KnowBe4 featuring Kevin Mitnick.

KnowBe4 is an industry leader for Awareness Training.

Here’s the link to the Webinar:–qGxgv9ntg7U77Y0eaW5m_7rOsuzjdgWotbwBQMDetYyfXIL9mZXFI4aXM5L3vZzTOJY796Zhoq9TWFkVK2zEOiP4HNg&_hsmi=67084547&eventid=1856107&sessionid=1&key=295DE6CAB72FFD67B1323DDF19759750&regTag=&sourcepage=register


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