Why Your Business Needs to Be Prepared for Sudden Disaster

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More than 73 percent of IT businesses in the US have no plans in place to deal with a sudden disaster. Are you one of the 73 percent? Planning for a disaster is not often high on the agenda, a position that is understandable given how busy you probably are simply running and growing your business.

Disasters can and do strike, however. Just look at the devastation caused by hurricanes in parts of the US every year. That’s before you look at fire, floods, and other disasters, natural or otherwise. Many of the businesses hit by these disasters every year probably thought it wouldn’t happen to them either. Your business is at risk from such disasters too. That’s why it is important to have disaster recovery in Seattle, Spokane, and everywhere else in the US.

After all, it is simply impossible to predict when or where a disaster will strike. It appears natural weather events happen with greater frequency and higher levels of destruction every year. It is for this reason that communities, householders, and government agencies take steps to mitigate the impact of disaster events.

The reality is, there is technology available that will mean a natural disaster will only impact your business for a short period of time. In most cases, a disaster recovery in Seattle provider can put a solution in place that will get your business back up and running again minutes or hours after a catastrophic event.

How long could your business survive without access to its data or critical systems? Most businesses would struggle to last longer than a couple of days. A disaster recovery in Seattle services provider will create a solution that will keep data loss to a bare minimum as well as implementing recovery protocols to get your systems running again after a failure.

Not only will this keep you operational and able to serve your customers, you will also get an edge on your competition. While they struggle with the data loss and ongoing systems failure you managed to avoid, you will be winning business from their customers.