How Smart Do You Feel?

Now you don’t need to be a pure scientist in order to move projects forward. Today scientists gather data so quickly and extensively that they cannot analyze it all. That’s where us common folk can speed the process to unmasking a new and startling discovery!

A few years back scientists asked common everyday folks, like me, to help them categorize Hubble images of galaxies. They provided simple online training of what to look for and within minutes I was taking some first looks at far away galaxies and categorizing them. It was an experience that decades later has keep my curiosity high.

If you have a curious mind and like to help scientists with the data they have collected, check out these sites:

After you’ve selected one of dozens of scientific projects to dive into, you’ll have fun and satisfaction of knowing you’re doing your part to help solve complex problems. Who knows, you might even learn something along the way. And you’ll get some bragging rights to discuss over beets on Friday night! Just remember, science first …. then beer. 🙂

Anyone can find a science project that will interest them.