How to Hire “Culture-Fit” Employees

When asked, most managers would opine – skills are more important than culture fit! And apparently, they have plenty of reasons to hold such an opinion, because at the end of the day it is the skills that get your work done. In fact, it is the strength of the resume that entices most managers to interview a candidate. And most often than not interview questions are designed to determine whether or not the candidate can perform the job duties as outlined in the resume.  But have you ever wondered: how an employee can give the best output if he/she is not happy at your organization or does not feel dedicated to your end business goals? A recent study found: more than 50% of all new hiring’s failed to show good results within the first 18 months because they did not fit with the company’s culture. As per the IT consulting firms in Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue or Bothell: skills matching is not always the best way to approach IT recruitment. Recruiters should also check whether the candidate is a culture-fit. How to judge this? We have some suggestions in this regard:

  • Create a culture manifesto: To hire a culture-fit employee, you need to understand the company’s culture, in the first place. IT consulting firms in Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue or Bothell help their clients create an organizational culture manifesto after discussions with the CEO and other top-level managers. Before scripting a company’s culture manifesto, the consultants also analyze the common traits of best performers as well the worst performers.
  • Connecting it, right way: Posting a job description, at one of the leading job portals, might not be the best way to seek culture-fit employees. More than one avenue has to be explored in the form of LinkedIn groups, Twitter and Tech meetings, etc. Such channels allow the recruiters to match a person’s profile, in terms of much more than skillsets.
  • Approach to Interview: As the top IT consulting firms from Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue and Bothell believe, there should be two approaches to finding the perfect employee. The First approach is of course to check the skillsets, but equal importance should be given to match the candidate’s mentality against the culture manifesto. A good way to understand this trait is to allow the candidate to have lunch with other employees, or ask him to solve a real problem bugging your work process. Another way is to ask behavior type questions or what-if people scenarios.
  • Taking Culture-fit to the next level: OK, so you have recruited an SEO or Development professional in Bellevue after matching skills and mindset, but that should not be the end of it all. Always assess the happiness and work satisfaction quotient of the employee. Some organizations have really taken culture-fit to the next level by having a generous exit pay-out program for employees who do not feel at home within the organization, after their internship period has ended. Such programs truly help you build a motivated workforce.

IT consulting services in Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue or Bothell often disclose that an employee who finds himself/herself motivated to attain the end goals of the company and is comfortable with the working environment can provide the best outputs.

Summary: Culture-fit, according to IT consulting firms in Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue or Bothell, like QuixTec, LLC is the most important factor during recruitment.