Limiting the Kaizala API usage to only org-mapped groups – ACTION REQUIRED BY APR 30, 2020.

MC207939, Plan For Change, Published date: Mar 27, 2020


Action required by Apr 30, 2020
Major Update: Announcement
Applies To: All

We’re making some changes to the Kaizala API and limiting the Kaizala API usage to only org-mapped groups, We will be making this change at the end of April.

If your organization is not using the Kaizala API you can safely disregard this message.How does this affect me?

After this change has been implemented, the Kaizala API calls for private / non-org groups will not work and will fail.What do I need to do to prepare for this change?

If your organization is using the Kaizala API for private/non-org groups you will need to convert your Kaizala private group to org-mapped group prior to the change rolling out.

Steps to convert your private group to an org-mapped group

  1. Login to Kaizala Management Portal and select groups (
  2. Click on the “Private” section on group list page
  3. Select the intended group
  4. Click “Map to organization”
  5. Click ‘OK” on the dialogue screen