New Advanced eDiscovery features: non-custodial data sources and bulk-add custodians

From Microsoft Corporation

MC216372, Stay Informed, Published date: Jun 15, 2020

We will soon begin rolling out two new features for Advanced eDiscovery in Microsoft 365.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap IDs 64035 and 64036.

When this will happen

Rollout will begin mid-June 2020, and we anticipate it will be complete by early July.How this will affect your organization

1. Non-custodial data sources allows you to add data sources to a case without having to associate the data sources with a custodian. This streamlines the process of holding, searching, and collecting data from non-custodial data sources during the lifetime of a case.

2. Bulk-add custodians allows you to gather and organize all custodial information for a case in a CSV file and then use that file to quickly add those custodians to a case. This is especially useful when there are many custodians in a case.What you need to do to prepare

These features are an iterative upgrade to Advanced eDiscovery, there is no immediate action needed. We hope you take advantage of this new functionality to improve your eDiscovery process.

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