New Feature: Intune role management coming to Microsoft 365 admin center

From Microsoft Corporation

MC211409, Stay Informed, Published date: Apr 29, 2020

We are adding Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Intune admin role management to the Microsoft 365 admin center, where you can leverage features such as the ability to compare roles, search for roles, and view role permissions.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 63551.When is this happening?

We’ll be rolling this out to from late April to late May, 2020.How does this affect me?

This integration means you will no longer need two separate tools to manage roles for Microsoft 365 and Intune.

When you log into the Microsoft 365 admin center, you’ll see that there are two tabs on the Roles page, one for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and one for Intune.

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