Office What’s New management card available for Microsoft 365 admin center

From Microsoft Corporation

MC214709, Stay Informed, Published date: May 30, 2020

When the Office What’s New Management card is available in the Microsoft 365 admin center, global and Office Apps administrators will be able to easily select which new items to display in the end-user “What’s New” section of Help in Office desktop applications.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 64337.

When this will happen

We will begin rolling out this feature in mid-June 2020; the rollout will be complete by the end of September 2020.How this will affect your organization

We released a preview of Office What’s New Management to the Microsoft 365 admin center and to three months ago. The feature is moving into general availability.

Admins with Microsoft 365 App environments as well as either Global admins or Office Apps admins will see the Office What’s New management card in the list of cards. They will be able to add the card to the home page, view card content, and click to go to the Office What’s New management page.What you need to do to prepare

There is nothing you need to do to prepare for this change.

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