Updated Feature: Microsoft Forms eDiscovery export format change

MC209012, Stay Informed, Published date: Apr 9, 2020


If your tenant does not use eDiscovery, you can safely disregard this message.

We are changing how eDiscovery, the process of identifying and delivering electronic information that can be used as evidence in legal cases, presents search results in Forms.

  • We’ll be gradually rolling this out in mid-April.
  • The rollout will be completed by late April.

How does this affect me?

Currently, when an administrator, compliance officer, or eDiscovery manager searches Microsoft Forms content using eDiscovery, an export of that search (a PST) will contain a PDF of the form and a CSV which includes details of each response.

For forms created or edited after this change, eDiscovery will no longer create a PDF when exporting search results.

Instead, the export will be a JSON file which contains all form questions, answer choices, and metadata. This file can be opened and reviewed with any text editor.

The JSON file contains all content that has been visible in the PDF with the exception of images. The JSON file will contain a URL to access background, question, or title images. This URL will provide access to an image unless the image or form (which contains that image) has been deleted by the form owner.

Your users who employ eDiscovery for Forms may notice this change on their next search after this feature rolls out.What do I need to do to prepare for this change?  

You should alert your eDiscovery team and update your training and documentation as needed.