Updated Feature: Yammer uses your Office profile

MC208357, Stay Informed, Published date: Apr 1, 2020


Major Update: Announcement
Applies To: All

As communicated originally in MC188875, August 2019, we’re updating how Yammer uses Office profiles. User profiles in Yammer will now use the Office profile rather than the standalone Yammer profile. To ensure the proper experience we had delayed this roll-out. We are now ready to proceed and the updated timeline is below. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We will begin roll-out of this feature in mid-April and expect to be complete by the end of June.

This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID 53554.How does this affect me?​

Currently, if a Yammer user has a corresponding Office identity, their profile information is synced from Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) upon their first sign-in on Yammer or if their AAD profile changes. However, Yammer allows users to modify profile information. This can result in situations where information is out of date or scenarios where a user can change their name and photo and then impersonate someone in Yammer.

Going forward:

  • If a Yammer user does not have a corresponding Office identity, they will not be affected by this feature. 
  • For Yammer users who do have a corresponding Office identity, we will perform a sync so that Yammer and Office profiles match. Going forward, Yammer users will need to contact their IT administrator, as with other Office 365 apps, in order to change their profile information. 

​Any Yammer profile fields that cannot be synced with an Office profile, such as a link to a Facebook profile, will be removed during the sync process. ​What do I need to do to prepare for this change?​

Ensure your users’ profiles are up to date in Office. If your users have a Yammer profile photo or other Yammer-specific profile information they would like to keep, please ask them to copy the information elsewhere.

Please see Update your Office 365 profile to learn more.