Configuration Change: Allow OneDrive account to sync only for specific organizations

From Microsoft Corporation

MC211659, Stay Informed, Published date: May 1, 2020
Major update: Announcement
Applies To: null

We’re making a change to the OneDrive group policy setting: Allow syncing OneDrive account for only specific organizations.

When this will happen

  • We will gradually roll this out beginning mid-May.
  • The rollout will be complete in early June.

How this affects your organization
Currently, if you have enabled the setting but have not specified a Tenant ID, the setting will block all organizations.

With this change, having the setting enabled without a Tenant ID being specified will have the same effect as if the feature were disabled.What you need to do to prepare
You do not need to do anything unless you were intentionally relying on the behavior of enabling this setting with no Tenant ID in order to prevent OneDrive from syncing with any organization. In that case, you should mark the setting as Disabled rather than Enabled with a blank Tenant ID.Additional information