Updated Feature: OneDrive Sync Enterprise ring is getting a new name

From Microsoft Corporation

MC214639, Stay Informed, Published date: May 29, 2020

This message is for admins who manage the new OneDrive sync app for Windows (OneDrive.exe) and have chosen to receive updates in the enterprise ring. We’re updating the name of OneDrive Sync “Enterprise” ring to “Deferred” ring.When will this happen?

We will roll out this cname hange to the Deferred ring in late June.How does this affect me?

Microsoft validates OneDrive updates in a three-step (rings) process. The name is changing from Enterprise to Deferred. The name change only applies to the name used in documentation, release notes, and group policy setting. If you have already opted machines into the Enterprise ring, those machines will continue to stay in the same ring after the name change.