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MC196377, Stay Informed, Published date: Nov 21, 2019

New Feature: Multiple updates to the SharePoint admin center

We’ll soon roll out a set of new capabilities and design updates.
In early December, 2019, we’ll begin to roll them out to Targeted
  Release customers.
By the end of February, 2020, we’ll complete the rollout to all customers.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 SharePoint Roadmap IDs 5731457309

New capabilities

1.Replace root site – You can replace your root site with another site from the SharePoint admin center. The original root site is moved to a different URL and can be restored, if necessary. This feature will only be available for limited customers. For more information, refer to Message Center post MC189866.
2. Permissions panel – You can now see the site Owners, Members, and Visitors. If it’s an Office 365 group-connected site, you can see the group owners, and add or remove additional site admins if needed.
3. People card – Hovering over the name of a user (on the Active sites list or in the details panel) lets you see details about the user.
4. Additional site-level sharing settings – For all sites, you can now limit sharing by domain, set the default sharing link type, and set default sharing link permission, (Previously, you could only do these tasks for classic sites on the classic site collections page.) You can also make “Anyone” links expire. Additionally, the External sharing column is now included when you export your site list as a .csv file.
5. Navigation pane – The navigation pane is customizable. You can hide items you don’t use or collapse the navigation menu to see more content on the page.
6. More features page – The “Classic features” page has been renamed to “More features,” and all classic features are shown on the page so that you don’t need to click “More classic features” to see them.

Design updates

Details panels have been widened, to provide space for future enhancements and match the design of other Microsoft 365 admin centers.

The Settings page has been redesigned as a list that lets you see the current value for each setting.

How does this affect me?

These updates will appear automatically for all global and SharePoint admins who work in the new SharePoint admin center. They change only the experience and the functionality available to you. They don’t impact your existing sites or settings.

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?

Make sure other admins are informed about this coming change, and familiarize yourself with the new features when you see them. We want to hear from you if you still need to use the classic SharePoint admin center to perform tasks. You can provide additional feedback in the new SharePoint admin center by selecting the Feedback button in the lower right.

Please see Additional Information for more details.

Additional Details

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