Acronym answers are now available with Microsoft Search in SharePoint

New SharePoint Feature

From Microsoft Corporation

MC216995, Stay Informed, Published date: Jun 22, 2020

We’re bringing acronym answers with Microsoft Search to SharePoint Online.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 64865.

When this will happen

  • We’ll begin rolling out to Targeted Release customers in mid-June and expect to be complete by early July.
  • We’ll begin rolling out to Standard Release customers in late August and expect to be complete in mid-September

How this will affect your organization

Users often run into unfamiliar acronyms and abbreviations used by their organization or team. Terms that are specific to organizations or teams might be new to people who move from one team to another, those who work with internal partner teams, or are new to the organization.

Acronym answers allow Microsoft Search Administrators and Editors to create definitions for commonly used acronyms in the organization where individuals can then discover the meaning of acronyms via Microsoft Search. Acronym answers were previously limited to Microsoft Search with Bing and now in SharePoint Online.What you need to do to prepare

Learn how to manage Acronyms answers in Microsoft Search

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