New SharePoint Feature: Address Change to Send Notification Email from SharePoint Online

MC192693 Microsoft is updating the address that is used to send select notification email messages from SharePoint Online. This change is gradually being rolled out for public preview in early November 2019 and will be completed by Mid-November 2019.

Today all tenants share a common domain for various email communication scenarios.

The Microsoft Notification is duplicated below for reference. Please refer to Microsoft documentation for more information.

With this update, we will segregate some tenant emails by domain to reduce the risk of email being sorted into a recipient’s junk folder and to segregate tenant spam scores.

We are providing a new default ‘from’ address for the email address that’s used in notification messages. These notifications will now come from a tenant-specific mailbox like

example of new email address

By segregating tenants into their own domains, no single tenant can negatively impact the reliability of email delivery for other tenants. With this change, tenants should witness improved reliability of SharePoint email delivery.

  • This change will primarily affect document and page collaboration email scenarios like page likes, share link open receipts, and share reminders as well as comment and comment reply notifications for both OneDrive documents and SharePoint pages.
  • This will not typically affect emails that are sent on behalf of a user’s mailbox like file sharing, page promotion via email, or comment @mentions.
  • Legacy SharePoint alerts on document libraries or lists will continue to use the domain for the foreseeable future.

Admins can continue to modify the default smtp address of the no-reply mailbox.