How Does Co-authoring of Documents Work in SharePoint?

SharePoint comes with great co-authoring features, whereby multiple employees can work on the same document, at the same time. In big organizations, where there are multiple people working on the same projects together, the co-authoring feature comes in handy. As experts from SharePoint consulting firms in Bothell have experienced: collaboration becomes a breeze when organizations use SharePoint.  Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote are some applications where the most widespread co-authoring within organizations occurs. So, here are some more facts about co-authoring with SharePoint:

  • Word: SharePoint consulting experts from Bothell believe that co-authoring works best for Word documents on the SharePoint suite. There is a bit of difference between online and desktop Word application co-authoring. While the online version, shows other users in a Notification box with the advantage of chatting during the edits, the native version only shows the other users present at the document without any quick chat box.  For both the versions, changes made to the document are saved in real time.
  • PowerPoint: The co-authoring feature also works well for PowerPoint slides. The presence of other users can be seen in upper-right-hand corner of the interface. The same experience is available for online as well as native application. The online version again comes with an extra chat option.
  • Excel: Sometime back, there was a big difference in co-authoring a sheet online vs native. But that has been solved. In the past, when two users were editing the same sheet within the native environment, the second person would be able to see the sheet as “Read only”. But the new versions of SharePoint have solved this. Now, co-authors can seamlessly collaborate in Excel (whether online or native).
  • OneNote: Multiple users can make changes to OneNote page at the same time, and the changes are reflected live. OneNote co-authoring works both for browser editing as well as native application.

How to switch on Co-authoring?

You do not need to do anything; the co-authoring is enabled by default when multiple people are accessing the same file or document.

How does co-authoring versions work?

When a file is being changed by two or more people, the file in question is saved from time to time. SharePoint consulting experts from Bothell believe that the file or document is auto-saved after every minute or so. The person making the last change, before the file is auto-saved, has his/her name registered in the version history.