How SharePoint Helps To Deliver Great Customer Service

Customer Loyalty and SharePoint

Even some years back, successful business models were run on the power of their USP (Unique Selling Point). But things have drastically changed in this era of congested marketplaces. Uniqueness is not the buzzword anymore, it has been replaced by ‘customer satisfaction’. Keeping this in mind, modern day business owners are hell bent on finding solutions to keep their customer happy. And guess what? SharePoint with its elaborate framework is your answer for customer service issues! Now, you would be wanting to know how SharePoint would address your woes? So, being SharePoint solution experts (in Redmond, Seattle, Bellevue and Bothell) let us explain it for you.


Minimizing the Queuing Time

Customers want quick problem resolution. And if options were presented to the businesses, they would like to quicken up the response times too. But, the delays are largely caused by inter-dependencies and a complete lack of management in this aspect. SharePoint allows businesses to setup a ticketing system where all the customer complaints and queries can be collected under a unique queue. The tickets are displayed under a single dashboard, where the personnel can search and take ownership of issues related to their field of expertise. There is also provision to setup Notification alerts whenever a ticket is raised regarding a certain area of specialty.  This can minimize the problem-resolution time significantly.


Powerful Tracking Mechanism

With our vast experience in providing SharePoint solutions to Redmond based businesses, we understand that not every customer problem is clearly defined or falls under the bigger heads (earmarked for certain departments). With SharePoint, respective managers can track customer complaints, then and there through mails, web or mobile. They can then understand the issue and assign it to the best suited personnel. So, nothing is left unattended. Not only this, the entire customer complaint cycle (from submittal to its resolution) can be tracked by the managers.   


Mitigating the root cause

Customer complaints and queries are invaluable data for all companies. When these are collected, analyzed and actions are taken to mitigate the issues, it can go a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction. SharePoint’s robust framework allows you to neatly store and later analyze the data. It also allows businesses to take critical mitigation actions quickly.

With our vast experience as SharePoint solution providers (in Redmond, Seattle, Bellevue and Bothell), we can assure you that by embracing SharePoint, you will give customers plenty of reasons to do repeat business with you!