Introducing commenting in Microsoft Lists

New SharePoint Feature

From Microsoft Corporation

MC224822, Plan For Change, Published date: Oct 21, 2020
New feature, User impact

Action required by Nov 23, 2020

Your users will soon be able to add and delete comments on list items. Users can view all comments on a list item and filter between views that show comments or activity related to an item.

Key points

  • Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 64169
  • Timing
    • Targeted release, gradually rolling out in mid-October and expecting to be complete mid-November
    • Standard release, gradually rolling out mid-November and expecting to be complete early December
  • Rollout: Targeted release for everyone (entire organization)
  • Control type: admin control
  • Action: review and assess by November 23, 2020 

How this will affect your organization

Screen cap of list home

Users can see which list items have comments when they access the list home page.

List with comment pane

By default, users will see a new comments pane alongside the list item form when they access a custom list. Users can toggle the comment pane visibility by clicking or tapping the comments icon . When comments hide, the pane does not collapse.

Screen cap of new panel

The pane will be closed by default for lists enabled by Power Apps.  

Comments follow the permission settings inherent in SharePoint and Microsoft Lists.

  • Users with read-only permission can only view comments.
  • Those with list edit permission can make comments as well as delete comments; editing comments is currently not possible. 

Comments are stored in the schema for each list, which is based on the SharePoint storage platform.

  • Classic lists that are not yet built to show up in modern user interfaces, like task Lists, will not have this commenting feature.
  • Commenting on lists in Teams is not available with this release.
  • Comments are not indexed by Search.

What you need to do to prepare

Review the impact on your organization if you wish to disable this feature. 

Admins can disable this feature at the organization level by changing the CommentsOnListItemsDisabled parameter in the Set-SPOTenant PowerShell cmdlet.

It is not currently possible to disable commenting at the site or list level. We hope to have those controls in a later update, likely in the first quarter 2021.

You might want to notify your users about this new capability.