New privacy controls with the Microsoft Graph

Rather than use Delve and related settings in the SharePoint admin center.

From Microsoft Corporation

MC219941, Stay Informed, Published date: Aug 6, 2020

For administrators who wish to enable granular control over where intelligent insights are available to their employees, we have released (beta) controls that give you the ability to configure the visibility of Graph-derived insights between users and other items in the Graph (such as documents or sites) across apps and services in Microsoft 365.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 66462.

When this will happen
These beta controls are now available. We expect to release these into production in the fourth quarter.How this will affect your organization

The new privacy settings will replace existing item insights controls implemented previously with the exception of Delve privacy controls. Over time these controls, any of the privacy controls implemented via Office 365 admin will be replaced.

The new privacy controls respect both the existing Delve settings and these new item-insights settings; the more strict will be applied. This means that during the transition phase, a user is considered as opted out if either the user was opted out by the Delve controls or item insights settings.

After the beta rollout ends, pre-existing Delve settings will only affect the Delve app and new settings will only affect item insights in the Microsoft Graph. The replacement of Delve-related controls will occur approximately six months after production rollout is complete.What you need to do to prepare

You can disable the Delve app via the pre-existing controls but allow other insights-based experiences to provide assistance. For example, you can disable insights-based experiences, such as Delve or file discovery via a users’ profile card in Microsoft 365 independently.

For Microsoft 365 tenants who have disabled Delve and related settings, we recommend reviewing these new privacy controls and implementing them rather than use Delve and related settings in the SharePoint admin center.

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