New SharePoint Feature
New Microsoft SharePoint Feature

From Microsoft Corporation:

Rolling out early-November
Complete roll out by mid-November

Previously, when you applied sensitivity labels that included encryption to Office files stored in SharePoint and OneDrive, the service couldn’t process the content of these files. Co-authoring, eDiscovery, Data Loss Prevention, search, Delve, and other collaborative features didn’t work. This preview enables these features:

SharePoint recognizes sensitivity labels applied to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files in SharePoint and OneDrive and enforces the settings that correspond with each label.
When you download a file from SharePoint or OneDrive, the sensitivity label travels with the file and the settings remain enforced.
Apply sensitivity labels to Office files, and open and edit files that have sensitivity labels applied (if the label’s permissions allow it) by using the web versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. With Word on the web, you can also use Auto labeling when you edit documents.
Office 365 eDiscovery supports full-text search in files that have sensitivity labels applied. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies cover content in these files.
Three new audit events are available for monitoring sensitivity labels:

How does this affect me?
This feature is off by default. A global or SharePoint admin must enable it using PowerShell. These features work only with sensitivity labels (also called unified Microsoft Information Protection labels). If you used Azure Information Protection labels, you can convert them to sensitivity labels to enable these features for new files that you upload. Learn how

For this preview, use the OneDrive sync app version 19.002.0121.0008 or later on Windows and version 19.002.0107.0008 or later on Mac (both released on January 28, 2019, and currently released to all rings). See the OneDrive release notes. After you enable this preview, users who run an older version of the sync app will be prompted to update it.

Be aware of the limitations before you turn this feature on.

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?
There is nothing you need to do to prepare for this change. If you would like to enable preview support for sensitivity labels in SharePoint and OneDrive review the Additional Information.”

Microsoft MC194985, Stay Informed, Published date: Nov 6, 2019

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