New SharePoint Feature: Modern experience for  managed metadata services, tagging and filtering

New SharePoint Feature

MC208986, Stay Informed, Published date: Apr 8, 2020


We will be gradually enabling modern experiences for SharePoint managed metadata services (MMS) which will include: 

  • A modern term store manager in the SharePoint admin center 
  • A modern content type gallery in the SharePoint admin center for creating and managing content types stored in the content type hub 
  • New tagging and filtering options for end users as well as a new tree view 

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 57315.  When this will happen 

Tagging and filtering update 

  • Targeted release: gradual rollout from mid-April to early May 
  • Standard release: gradual rollout from early May to mid-May 

Modern admin experiences (term store and content type gallery) 

  • Targeted release: gradual rollout from late April to mid-May 
  • Standard release: gradual rollout from late May to early June 

How this will affect your organization 

1. The new term store experience enables management only of global term sets; local term set management is unchanged. It does not impact existing term customizations nor does it affect the classic term store management experience. 

Term store dashboard

2. The new content type gallery allows you to create and manage custom content types from the admin center. These content types will continue to be stored in the content type hub. This change does not affect the classic experience for managing content types. 

Content type gallery

3. End users will see new filtering and tagging options in the managed metadata columns. When filtering, this new tree control is available within ‘See all’ in the filter panel. When tagging an item, users will see a new tree control to help select the desired term.