SharePoint Portal Solutions that propel your Business Communication and Collaboration

In today’s era of dynamic business environment, one of the key largest vital element is to constantly adopt and evolve. While looking for new business opportunities and clients have always been pivotal, the efficient management/analysis of huge data generated from existing business applications, rapid evolution of business process, communication to both internal and external stake holders on various business aspects have showcased outstanding results.

Our SharePoint Portal Solutions are not only custom made to hold critical data from various existing business applications, but they reflect critical insights by representing data and processes in a structured way, giving insights on the key historical achievements/feedbacks and help business managers architect their way to future.

The SharePoint Portal Solutions (both internal & external) offer overview of information and organizational communications/instructions to the entire audience while showcasing/restricting specific information to various stake holders like employees, customer, suppliers etc.
Intranet Portal Solution offers right platform to communicate within team and across organizational setup without any limitation to geographical boundaries.

If you have questions like:

  1. How to automate my business/process work flows?
  2. I want to automate document management system but don’t know where to start from?
  3. Is it possible to integrate other software/products with SharePoint?I want to sieve through available information and automate generation of graphs, reports for analysis and improvement. Possible?
    then, look no further cause WaferWire can help you “To Connect with employees across the enterprise, Use SharePoint to engage with people, share ideas and reinvent the way you work together”
    We have helped various businesses globally in recognizing their needs for an intranet portal for communication, engaging employees and driving growth. But that’s not it, SharePoint comes with other features and tools to provide an awesome, dynamic and a personalized social platform.

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