Social Features on SharePoint Power the Most Successful Organizations

Organizations need to adopt the social element in their inter-departmental interactions. The employees you have belong to the Social Network era and they love to go Social! When given an opportunity they will mingle with like minded colleagues and this presents you an opportunity to keep them abreast of all the latest development within the organization. If you are using Sharepoint 2013, you have this base covered. Being into Sharepoint consulting  SharePoint consulting (across Bellevue, Bothell, among other cities) for many years now, we have seen businesses use the Social Features in this framework for their greater business good. If you are wondering which features to really start using, here is our shortlist.


  • Social Computing: The feature includes feeds from personal sites and communities. Not only this, Social Computing allows smart searches, business intelligence gathering, document management and sharing options. By using Social Computing, you can create groups and topics for projects or employees with similar interests, helping in the overall knowledge sharing within the organization!
  • My Sites: SharePoint 2013 allows seamless management of personal sites. The users can get easy access to content through News Feed, OneDrive, About Me, Sites, blogs, tasks, apps and recent activity. The feature is an amalgamation of social networking and collaboration aspects. It presents a great avenue to build business relationships as well as interact with colleagues.
  • Community Sites: A social feature that would encourage people within the organization to discuss issues within a common forum. The feature promotes open communications and exchange of ideas. Community Sites are common platforms for like minded people. Every post owner or moderator has the right to delete, edit or modify the posts made.
  • Social Search: Coming with a powerful search functionality, Sharepoint 2013 helps users draw results from multiple locations such as Sharepoint Index or Internet powered Search Engine. One can view authored documents and other information about past projects.
  • NewsFeed: Much like the Facebook feeds, this feature allows the users to view updates about their documents, tags, sites or people. NewsFeed allows people across the organization stay abreast with latest developments. You can opt for all news across the organization or opt for feeds pertaining to certain people or subjects.


With our experience in SharePoint consulting (across Bellevue, Bothell and other cities of the USA) we can safely say that SharePoint’s Social Features bring integrity within an organization and encourage the sharing of views.