We’re moving tenant-wide search usage reports

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MC226682, Plan For Change, Published date: Nov 13, 2020
Admin impact

We will be retiring tenant-wide search usage reports from the SharePoint admin center beginning December, 9, 2020. Instead we recommend the utilization of Microsoft Search Insights, which is where we will continue to invest.Key Points:

  • Major: Retirement
  • Timing: December 09, 2020
  • Action: Review and assess

How this will affect your organization:

After this change, users in your organization will be able to continue to find site collection analytics under classic site settings in SharePoint. Tenant administrators will be able to find tenant-wide search analytics across Bing, Office.com, and SharePoint home Microsoft Search entry points under Microsoft Search in the Microsoft admin center.

Administrators will no longer be able to view updated tenant-wide search usage reports in the SharePoint Online admin center, when this change is implemented.

If you use SharePoint admin center search usage reports and require usage data, you can download historical data for all the 5 reports (top queries, abandoned, queries, no result queries, query volume, and query rule usage) until December 9th, 2020.What you need to do to prepare:

Instead of using search usage reports in SharePoint Online, we recommend using the new search usage reports in the Microsoft Search admin center.

After this change is implemented

  • You can get site collection usage data from the classic site> Site Settings> Site collection administration> search reports. You can access and download usage data for the last 31 days and past 12 months. You can learn more about the capabilities of the modern site collection usage page: here.
  • You can get the tenant level usage analytics reports in Microsoft Admin center under Settings> Search and Intelligence> Insights to access the 5 usage analytics reports (top queries, abandoned queries, no result queries, query volume, and Impression distribution) aggregated over SP home and office.com workloads. To access the tenant level reports you need one of the following roles- search admin, search editor, global admin, or global reader. You can learn more about Microsoft search insights dashboard in MAC: Microsoft Search Insights dashboard reports.

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