Have You Heard of Photobiomodulation? You Will.

This amazing technology of infrared, near infrared and blue light is transformative. Get a glimpse of the future at this free Independence from Pain summit.

Independence from Pain is the subject of an AMAZING FREE 2-day Online Light Therapy Summit that promises to spark your interest, and deliver answers to many questions, at the same time. 

Independence from Pain takes a deep dive into the world of Light Therapy delivery devices, education, and testimonials from individuals who have had their lives transformed by the power of Light Therapy. In each captivating session, you’ll witness interviews with leading light therapy experts, Photobiomodulation researchers, and clients who have been through incredible healing journeys.

Independence from Pain is a portal into all healing possibilities that empowers you to change how you think about your health. If you have health concerns – for yourself or your loved ones – Click HERE to register for the Independence from Pain, the exclusive FREE 2-day premier Summit from Photonic Therapy Institute.

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