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Affordable Marketing Automation and CRM for startups to enterprise.

Be part of the 20% who outsmart 21st century marketing.
Gartner research predicts that 80% of marketers will abandon personalized marketing efforts by 2025 due to lack of ROI. More here.

As founder of QuixTec, LLC., a certified Microsoft Partner and veteran owned business, our team needed an affordable way to market our SharePoint and Office 365 prowess. Today’s online solutions are too expensive if you want real marketing power that generates more leads. So, we put 20 years of IT experience to work and created BettaWerks. It surpasses Mailchimp, HubSpot, Constant Contact and other popular marketing solutions in both the number of lead-producing features and low cost.

If you are interested in improving your marketing ROI, and getting more marketing power, then you deserve BettaWerks.

Personalizing your marketing is a proven strategy. Often times it is priced at premium rates thus costing more to generate leads resulting in lower ROI. The Gartner research prediction becomes true — Lower ROI results from more expensive marketing. What’s the solution? A marketing platform that offers advanced marketing techniques but doesn’t charge a premium. That’s BettaWerks!

Pay less and still get more features with BettaWerks.

Savvy business owners understand that reducing costs to generate leads will position them to be among the 20% of winners. Raising the percentage is possible. Arrange a demonstration today of our CRM and Marketing Automation to see how it is done.

Check out the new offering today. Free trials are limited. This is to allow the BettaWerks team to maintain a high level of support.

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