Teams Desktop: Language-Aware Spellchecking

From Microsoft Corporation

C217362, Stay Informed, Published date: Jun 26, 2020

Now, Microsoft Teams users can more easily communicate using multiple languages. Users who write different messages in different languages will now see spellchecking relevant to the language they’re actively using when typing a message in the Microsoft Teams desktop app.

This is a key improvement to the existing Teams Desktop Spellchecking feature, to make it “language-aware” and improve the overall Messaging compose experience for bilingual & multilingual users around the world.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 65446

When this will happen

This improvement will start rolling out at the end of June and conclude by the end of July.

Note: that “language-aware spellchecking” will initially be available for the Windows Desktop client and the General (public cloud) only.

Support for Linux and Mac Desktop clients is under active investigation. Support for customers in the M365 Government clouds (GCC, GCC-H, DoD) is also under investigation.How this will affect your organization

Now, spellchecking in Teams Desktop (Windows client only) will better support bilingual & multilingual users who write different messages in different languages.

Spellchecking will default to the active keyboard language, and if the user switches keyboard language, spellchecking will switch to that language. If a user writes enough messages in a different language in a given Chat or Channel conversation, spellchecking will automatically switch to the relevant language (in this case, a user may see a Compose notification UI letting them confirm/revert the switch).


  • Message language auto-detection occurs client-side — no typing/writing is sent to, processed by, or stored on any web server
  • This spellchecking improvement addresses some of the key UserVoice feedback about proofing in Teams; support for users writing messages in different languages is a significant request by bilingual/multilingual users and organizations

What you need to do to prepare

This is an improvement to existing spellchecking in Teams Desktop and Spellchecking itself can be toggled on/off by users in Teams App Settings > General. You may consider updating your training and documentation as appropriate.