Quickly & Easily Learn To Build Your Own Website (No Code Required!)

Want to start your online business? Want to be profitable quickly? Don’t want to learn computer code? You don’t need to.

It only takes a few hours to learn to design your own website. (including eCommerce sites) Your website will be the envy of your peers. They will be amazed when they learn that you did it yourself. And it is all drag and drop technology! No Code required.


Website hosting cost per month:
Basic $3.95 but we recommend Plus $5.95 / month because it includes
unlimited email accounts for free. Includes a free SSL certificate too!

Domain Purchase: $2.00 to $60.00 annually, depending upon the
extension (.com, .io, .shop, .org, .net, etc.)

Access to all templates: $89.00 includes 1 year of upgrades. Unlimited
lifetime use and premium support. (See template examples below)
There is also a lifetime of updates and premium support for $259.00.

Training per hour 65.00 per hour up to 5 hours.
If you need more than 5 hours the rate for all hours is $40.00.
No minimum or maximum hours required.
You can pay for 6 hours up front for $40.00 hour rate.

5 HOURS X 65.00 = $325.00
10 HOURS X 40.00 = $400.00

Payment Gateway and Shipping are equal or less than WIX and other
online web builders.


Phone (425) 367-9025 and chat with me. It’s free.

It has taken me years of owning my own business to learn this. I want to guide other business owners how to get the most powerful website on the planet, under their complete control, without all the expenses. It’s easier than you know. Let me show you how.

Call (425) 367-9025 for a free consultation.

When the site is finished, you can add one of the most powerful marketing back-ends on the planet for $49.00 per month. You can purchase marketing contact lists and upload them and proactively begin marketing to your competitors customers immediately! You can’t do that with other online marketing products like HubSpot, Salesforce, Constant Contact, MailChimp! They charge thousands of dollars each month for all the features and capabilities you only pay $49.00 for.

Easily begin building these types of websites, that you own and control, today!

Every one of these templates can be changed to suit your needs. They can be mixed and matched. Every small detail can be changed, color, shape, size, image, type style, add animation and more. You can even mix and match!



Shopify – Basic $29.00 up to Advanced $299.00 per month
Weebly – Free up to $29.00 per month
JIMDO – Play Free up to Unlimited $39 per month
BigCommerce – Standard $30 up to $300 per month
SquareSpace – Personal $16 up to Commerce $46.00 per month
WIX – Basic $23 up to Enterprise $500.00 per month

Competition Weaknesses:
* You cannot pick up the site and move it to a new hosting provider.
* You do not own your code and data.
* You cannot load a purchased contact list to perform marketing
* The templates are very limited to changes and restrictive

These competitors can get you started very quickly and easily, however, in time, once you become trained, you’ll want to increase sales which requires more features and costs more money.
QuixTec gets you started with powerful tools that are unlimited in scope. Any way you want your website to look … it can be done. Add animation to images and text. You’ll never need to pay more money to increase how much you can modify your website.