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QuixTec helps Employers and IT candidates quickly find each other so that you spend more time performing the work and less time searching IT Staffing Services.

IT Staffing Services for the best of the best.

QuixTec’s success is based largely upon successfully hiring the best talent for our employers. We also sub-contract small jobs that most companies turn away because they require the same effort for less ROI. We believe that every start-up and small company should have equal opportunity to high quality industry experts.

Our IT staffing services are absolutely committed to finding and placing candidates into the best possible roles with companies needing top talent today.

Job Hunting?

In the near future, talented experts will be able to upload a professional CV and outline your desired roles. For now please continue to contact us about your dream roles and we will manually process your application.

Talent Searching?

Contact us today about our IT Staffing Services today and begin finding available candidates meeting your job requirements. Someone from our staff will alert you to candidates you should consider.


Affordable SEO

There are a lot of SEO service providers promising 1st page Google page ranking results but none provide a live month-to-month case study to prove their claims.... we are!

This page will be updated monthly with our own SEO results.

This live SEO service project will demonstrate how effective our whitehat techniques are so that you know they will work for you before you sign on the dotted line.

Thanks for visiting us today. We hope your questions about our SEO services are answered over the coming months and we hope to hear from you. We're only ten digits away! (425) 367-9025


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How We Work For You

Connect People with the Right Jobs for their Specific Talents

With over 20 years of IT experience, we know how to match candidates with all types of businesses. Contact us about our IT Staffing Services. We look forward to helping you succeed.

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Get Your Job Postings & Company Info Out to the World

We are developing the ability to accept candidate resumes and Job descriptions online. You’ll be able to review available roles and candidates with the talents you need. Check back in the future.

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Candidate Resources and Recruiters

Unlike typical IT resourcing, QuixTec fees are minimal. Why should we take the typical large amounts from experts who actually do the work? We think Employers overpay agencies to find experts.

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Inexpensive Resource Contract Buyout Terms

Our IT Staffing Services will easily and affordably convert our resources into employees. Resource fees are minimal so that employers save month over month.

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Where Does Your Expertise Fit?

Employers – hire invigorated talent eager to help fulfill your organization requirements today. Self-starters with high degrees of drive and determination – find a great fit for your talents. Let QuixTec help you today. Send us your CV and our IT Staffing Services will help match you to available jobs with excellent organizations.