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Custom Software Development

from a Microsoft Partner

Using small agile teams, stacked to the rafters with certifications and experience, we deliver elegant, user friendly solutions for businesses and consumers.

Fast Delivery, Budget-Friendly

Custom Software Development

We partner with your team to include any number of full or part-time experts to ensure success at every phase of your project lifecycle.

Web App Development

Do you want your website or phone app to blend in or stand out? Our developers use creative UI/UX to perfectly express your business persona.

UI/UX designs that foster adoption by your users.

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are the foundation of a project’s success because if someone delivers a feature rich application to you that no one enjoys using then it’s technically a failure. QuixTec starts with a great design that users enjoy and one that bolsters productivity with less effort. Then we back it with a one year warranty.

Call us today to discuss your project and turn vision into reality.

Mission & Vision

Delivering solutions for the most creative minds.

If you are a visionary, we want to partner with you to tackle your most difficult challenges. Let our envisioners and designers inspire you to conceive in new ways to deliver robust, user-friendly designs that improve business productivity and stand the test of time.


Optimization at every stage of the Agile delivery cycle ensures each block of our engineers’ code is concise, scalable and quickly passes testing and release.


Our customer satisfaction / success level revolves completely around stakeholders acceptance throughout each iteration of the project lifecycle.


Rest comfortably after delivery with our one-year post delivery warranty. The only one offered in the IT industry that protects your project 100% for a year.


Agile teams resourced specifically for your technology needs.

You can hire a single engineer for small projects or hire entire teams of handpicked technologists for  large scope engagements. Either way, our method of assembling minimally sized, cross-functional IT teams, specifically tailored to your business, improves speed to market and keeps budgets trim. Bottom line – you get a dedicated compliment of IT experts who deliver exceptional results.


How Can We Help You Today?

Microsoft Applications

Be independent! We show you how to build powerful workflow automations, chatbots, dashboards and applications in hours instead of months with industry-leading low-code Microsoft technology.

Custom Applications

Customize a solution or you can learn to do yourself. Either way the results will be amazing. For example: learn to build a custom website with your own Woo Commerce system without any code.

Requirement Gathering

Before a single line of code is written we listen entently to your vision and document it precisely. This is key to our successful product deliveries.

Mobile Applications

Leverage our Android and iOS industry experience developing feature-rich Mobile Applications. Great UI’s make them user friendly and popular.

Software Training

Want to become self-sufficient with the latest technology? Our trainers simplify the complicated so that your team gains confidence quickly. 

Premium Customer Service

Short-term or long our post delivery support is second to none. We are the only IT development company backing your investment with a one year warranty?

Find The Perfect Fit For Any Team

Some of the most common IT project roles are listed below for your consideration. If you don’t see the type of engineer or support staff you need, call and tell us what you are looking for.

Requirement Gathering

QuixTec digs deep into your technology pathway – past to present. We identify your business strategies and align with industry directions to future-proof your project.

UI/UX Designer

UI design is critical to a projects success if you want it to be intuitive, functional and save time. Spending time and resources up front with UI design will pay dividends throughout your project lifecycle.

Technical Writers

Whether you need a User, Technical or Functional document, QuixTec has the perfect documentation expert for your team.


We strategize industry changes and how the solution we build for you will be impacted.

We consider content relavency to avoid duplication and unnecessary steps that will waste your users time.

We balance the needs of all stakeholders to ensure the delivery matches expectations.


Product Development

Your vision is clarified and now you are ready to bring it into reality. This is where QuixTec provides the engineers you need now to dig in and deliver in successive, well-tested iterations.


Prototyping can be utilized in many stages of a system’s design. Most often this is reserved for more complex solutions and where the cost of prototyping can offset potentially very costly redesigns.

In most cases, wireframes or mockups are sufficient.

QuixTec has industry leading experts for both of these cases.

Front-End Developer

QuixTec front end developers will translate user stories from your DevOps / Agile process, prototypes and mockups into rock-solid websites, applications, mobile apps and more.

Back-End Developer

Many solutions utilize information from other systems and we have experts who can work in the backend to make the information available to your front-end developers.

Some systems do not readily talk to each other so API’s can be written by our developer. In cases of older or more proprietary systems, where API’s are unavailable, BizTalk Server, a middleare product by Microsoft, can be used to interpolate the data from the source so that your new system can make use of it.

Quality Assurance

While development iterations are occurring week-after-week, an ongoing QA process audits and analyzes every aspect of the solution to ensure it meets requirements and all stakeholders expectations.

Communications between our QA expert, developers and stakeholders is well organized by experienced people.


Whether your business is a small startup or large enterprise with dozens of legacy systems, we have experts for you who are accustomed to working with business customers.

IT Governance

If you need dedicated governance to monitor and manage the ongoing effort of your IT ecosystem so that it effectively supports your organization, our team at QuixTec can help.


In the early days of IT software implementations, the business was at the top of the pyramid. The business gave clear direction to IT who fulfilled their missions. After many years, as IT evolved and matured,  it seemed as if the business customer moved lower on that pyramid as IT obtained needs of their own to fill alongside the business. DevOps solves this by including Business Operations within the Agile management process to fully partner throughout initiatives. Hire our DevOps experts for your next project to maintain 360 degree communications and approvals. Agile DevOps, AWS DevOps, Microsoft DevOps ((AKA Visual Studio) and other methodologies.

Our Reputation


{Richard’s quixtec.com team is awesome. I highly recommend anyone trying to grow their marketing and sales efforts (in a way that is budget friendly yet massively efficient) Originally I looked into Constant Contact, Mailchimp type services but quickly found that they nickel and dime you for email campaigns, charge thousands for marketing automation features and at the end of the day you have no ownership of the toolset. Quixtec was quite efficient at setting up my cloud toolset. Richard personally helped me daily and allowed me to drive when possible as this helps me learn long term. Getting the first email template built was a breeze with their hands-on guidance. They walked me through every step of building and kicking off our first automated campaign. Within 1-2 days I was seeing site visits and contact form submissions leading to immediate sales. I now own a very extensive toolkit in emailing and market automation and I know how to use it. Richard, even post sale, proactively checks in with me and ensures I know what I am doing and keeps me on track with continued efforts.
Eric Larson
Manager Action-CS
{QuixTec has not only delivered more functionality than we originally scoped for our SharePoint project but they also came in under our budget. They really know their stuff when it comes to building something that is user friendly and intuitive. In fact, our newest employee required nearly no direction to use our automated intake form. I highly recommend QuixTec to anyone who needs seasoned IT professionals.
John leders
IT Director ReCycle Bikes
{Richard is a very driven, honest, and motivated individual. As a COO and CEO he has the unique ability to manage complex projects and meet milestones with multiple constraints.
Karl Solid
{Richard is an excellent project manager and educator and has been invaluable as we learn to navigate owning and operating our own business. He helped us to build a beautiful, properly functioning website while keeping costs manageable, alerting us to avoidable pitfalls, and keeping us on task to push through the more difficult phases of branding, site speed, SEO, and many other issues we never could have figured out if not for his guidance. Richard is honest, communicative, detail-oriented, and quick to respond to questions and offer suggestions to improve site performance and enhance our messaging. We have recommended him and his company to others and will continue to do so with enthusiasm. He truly wants the best outcome for his clients and puts in the work to make it happen while being mindful of budget and value-add opportunities. We are grateful for his knowledge, his patience, and the team he has put together. There is no-one we would rather have guiding our tech processes!
Darien Grove
Owner PTNW
{Richard was one of the most dedicated professionals. Insightful, reliable and well educated Sr. Project Manager with a great skill to analyze and summarize ideas. Great, motivated and strong. Multi-skilled, open minded, wise and deadline oriented co-worker. His open-minded approach could not be overestimated. It's been a real pleasure working together with him. Creative Project Manager. Thanks to interpersonal skills he has great relations with both company clients and potential customers.
Sean Van Norman
Co-Owner NVN Consulting
{When the idea for our business first came about, researching and finding out the many faces of owning and operating a business were a given. The most difficult and terrifying—yes, for me, terrifying, aspect was the one of Technology. Not just Technology, but everyyything that goes with that term! Building a website delayed the dream, because my insecurity about how to even begin, was overwhelming at the time. Many options were available, and we decided on Richard, because of his knowledge in all applications of the technical side, he knew the lingo required and where it needed to be, his connections and background, his patience and common sense. We are, thanks to Richard and his expertise, fully functional and integrated for where we need to be at this point in our business, confidently knowing that the “Technical” side of things show well, provide an easy experience for our customers, and as we grow, Richard is several steps ahead of us on how to apply what’s needed next. Thank you, Richard Quatier, for all you have done for us to take the worry out of this part of running a business!
Lee Grove
{We were given a very hard task of completing a real estate project management and real estate asset management data base technology platforms and QuixTec has delivered on time, under budget with great results. I highly recommend and endorse QuixTec for all your technology needs. They're the best!
Vahak Agojian
Global Real Estate Director World Vision International


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Teams Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Experts, SharePoint Development Services From Custom GuideFree to use and distribute - no strings attached Download this TEAMS Cheat Sheet. It is a useful reference guide. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FREE! BULLETIN END QuixTec provides this...

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Let QuixTec experts show you what we can achieve together using the latest processes and technology that provides greater flexibility to achieve your ultimate goals. It takes a full-time effort just to keep up with IT industry changes but today’s applications reduce the complexity of the past. And if you have Office 365, with Microsoft’s award winning “Low Code” development processes, you can begin fostering a “Do it yourself” business climate. After that, just rely upon QuixTec to deliver more elaborate design requirements. Call QuixTec today to schedule your project and start delivering the perfect solution. It’s never too late or too early to get started.

QuixTec, LLC is a U.S. certified Veteran Owned, modern DevOps organization that specializes in Microsoft Technologies such as Office 365, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Yammer, Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft PowerBi, Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Bookings, Microsoft Power Virtual Agent, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Lists, Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Sway, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft DevOps, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft DotNet and other technologies for small to enterprise-sized organizations.

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