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August 3, 2021

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New Device Parsing Logic in Microsoft Teams Call Quality Dashboard

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From Microsoft Corporation
Technical Bulletin:  
MC273629 · Published Jul 28, 2021

Message Summary

The Microsoft Teams Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) product group is introducing new logic to our device parsing in Call Quality Dashboard (CDQ). This change will improve the accuracy with which we identify capture and render devices that Microsoft Teams users rely on every day, enabling administrators to get a better view of their device quality landscape through Call Quality Dashboard.

Key points

  • Timing: On August 31st, 2021, Call Quality Dashboard (CDQ) will begin using new device parsing logic that will change the current output of certain dimensions in call quality reports.
  • Roll-out: tenant level
  • Control type: admin control
  • Action: review, assess and remove filtering conditions that are not part of the new dimensions

How this will affect your organization:

You are receiving this message because this change will impact all tenants, using Call Quality Dashboard (CDQ), who are filtering on any of the below dimensions and values.

The dimensions that will have their output modified are:

  • Mic Connection Type
  • Speaker Connection Type

New possible values:

  • USB, Wireless, Other, blank

Previous possible values:

  • USB, Other, Internal, BlueTooth, PCI, Virtual, HDAudio, blank

The reason for this modification is to eliminate some obsolete and inaccurate values in this field. Bluetooth devices will now be captured under Wireless, and built-in devices will be captured under Other.

If you currently have custom reports created in Call Quality Dashboard (CDQ) that filter upon either of the two above mentioned dimensions, you will notice that the report output will change. If you are specifically filtering on any previously possible value that is not included in the new set of possible values, your report will fail to render the expected results.


  • If you filtered on USB and BlueTooth values in Mic Connection Type dimension; after the change, your report would only show rows with the USB value, as the BlueTooth value is no longer present. This would result in fewer results than anticipated until the report is adjusted from filtering on USB and BlueTooth to filtering on USB and Wireless.
  • If you filtered only on a single value that has changed such that no data is found, the report will display “This query doesn’t return any data. Please check the query filters.”

What you need to do to prepare:

You will want to review your Call Quality Dashboard (CDQ) custom reports where you may be filtering on any of the above mentioned dimensions and values, and remove the filtering condition that is set to values that are no longer used in the new dimensions.

Note: Filtering on dimension Second Mic Connection Type > value HDAudio will fail to produce the expected results, however filtering on value >USB will continue to work as it was not updated.

Additional information

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