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Curious about How To Make Your OFFICE More Productive?

QuixTec’s Sharepoint development will streamline repetitive tasks such as routing forms for approval, removing duplicate files so teams access only the latest version and pull important data from external systems for better reporting. We can organize your files and develop great SharePoint UI / UX features to make using SharePoint more intuitive and user friendly.

Whether you are near or far. On a PC, Mac, Desktop, tablet or mobile device, everything we build for you will be seemless and secure.

Let QuixTec work with you to deliver your next SharePoint project.

QuixTec, SharePoint & Microsoft 365 – An Unbeatable Team!


Office 365, now called Microsoft 365, is packed with powerful features. Our experts enjoy helping you envision new ways to streamline and simplify entire business processes.

Power Apps

Quickly build new apps using Microsoft’s low-code Power Platform tools that everyone can learn on the fly.  Start building your own solutions to automate your business.


Let QuixTec help you update all your InfoPath forms with Power Apps and Power Automate. While we are making changes we can also be training you at the same time.

Power Bi

Have complete visiility into your organizational effectivness with powerful drill-down reporting and dashboards with different views at every level.

SHAREPOINT development

We create SharePoint intranets that are well organized, easy to navigate and help keep document storage orderly so that everyone works from latest versions.

Power Automate

Let’s Automate repetitive tasks and form processing and put your energies to better use. Automate Forms, processes and other day-to-day tasks to get more done in a day.

Resource fulfillment

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Hire A SharePoint Developer

If you expect high-caliber SharePoint development then QuixTec is the source you need. Our SharePoint developers have years of experience and they work in your timezone hours.

Hire A DevOps - VS Developer

Microsoft Visual Studio experts and testers are available to begin on your project. They can lead your DevOps, Code Check, Manage Versions, Migrate between environments and more.

BA, PM and SCRUM Masters

Hire an experienced Business Analyst, PM or SCRUM master to gather requirements for your next project. We ensure that all stakeholders input is accurately collected and documented.

Power Platform Administrator

When you need an experienced Power Platform expert, QuixTec has top quality engineers to administer all your environments and Microsoft Dymanics projects.

Software Training

Want to become self-sufficient with the latest technology? Our seasned IT trainers simplify the complicated so that your team gains confidence quickly and is eager to begin building.

Reporting Expert

PowerBi delivers incredible reporting but it requires an experienced developer to build beautiful report dashboards that are intuitive and informative. Hire our BI experts today.

Thank you for visiting us today. We hope you found what you were looking for, have learned a little about QuixTec and will give us an opportunity to work with you. We have many different experts available and all of them are energized about helping you and are eager to show you the amazing solutions that can be delivered even under the tightest budgets. Phone us or fill out our contact form, we’d enjoy hearing about your plans.

We use SharePoint, Power Apps and Power Automate together to do great things.

SharePoint  & Power Apps

The word in technology circles today is – help businesses become less reliant on line code developers. Microsoft is leading the way with a low-code suite of services called Power Apps.

Anyone can harness Power Apps to build incredibly powerful and versatile business solutions. Apps you build will be responsive so that they display correctly on any device. You can replace old InfoPath forms and create new and more powerful forms.

Now, when you imagine a great way to improve your business processes, you have a choice to hire QuixTec or to build it yourself using Power Apps,  SharePoint development and other Microsoft 365 technologies. And in rare instances when more complex needs arise, we have your back to help you through it. Call to share your goals and let’s get started.



If you want to learn SharePoint development and new IT skills then the Microsoft platform with step-by-step training is an excellent place to begin. Training is very good. It is for Advanced, Intermediate and beginner levels.  Start your learning today and feel free to contact QuixTec any time you need help from a reliable Microsoft Partner. We help businesses of all sizes by providing training, consulting and through onboarding of experienced engineers.

 Visit Microsoft Training Today

858 Power Platform step-by-step courses

All modules with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to get you started building applications quickly. Learn Microsoft Power Platform from Microsoft and call QuixTec when you have questions or want to work with one of our experts.

Visit Microsoft Power Platform Training

517 Microsoft 365 Step-by-step courses

Begin your Microsoft 365 journey here! Start with fundamentals or jump into advanced level development. Enhance the skill sets of your current team. Find answers to difficult business process automation challenges. It’s all here any time you need it. QuixTec is behind you when you need additional guidance and support.

Visit Microsoft 365 Training

82 Microsoft dotNet step-by-step courses

Learn .Net from beginner to intermediate and finally to Advanced levels with these Microsoft courses. Begin building something awesome and continue to enhance it as you learn by doing. When you want to work with a dotNet expert, call QuixTec. We love to work on new projects with budding new developers.

Learn Microsoft .Net development

These and many more courses are available. Take them at your leisure and feel free to call upon QuixTec when you need help. You can hire us to provide SharePoint development only when you need it most. Or if you need more extensive help we can join your team and help deliver an awesome product. Either way, we are here to support you any way we can to help you succeed.

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Let QuixTec experts show you what we can achieve together using the latest processes and technology that gives  you greater flexibility to achieve your ultimate goals. We know that it takes a full-time effort just to keep up with IT industry changes but today’s IT products reduce much of the complexity of the past. And if you have Office 365, with Microsoft’s award winning “Low Code” development processes, you can begin fostering a “Do it yourself” business climate. After that, just rely upon QuixTec to deliver more elaborate and technical design requirements. Call QuixTec today to schedule your project and start delivering the perfect solution. It’s never too late or too early to get started.

QuixTec, LLC is a U.S. certified Veteran Owned, modern DevOps organization that specializes in Microsoft Technologies such as Office 365, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Yammer, Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft PowerBi, Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Bookings, Microsoft Power Virtual Agent, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Lists, Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Sway, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft DevOps, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft DotNet and other technologies for small to enterprise-sized organizations.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you have questions about Microsoft 365 or other technologies please contact us. We would enjoy the opportunity to earn you as a customer and will do everything within our power to make sure you are satisfied with our services.

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