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What People Are Saying About Marketing Automation Ownership

I’ve used most of the popular online marketing solutions. They have limited features. They are expensive. It’s tough to get someone to personally train you. Now we can do more and spend a fraction of what our competition is spending. Whether we need dozens of users, 100,000 email transmissions, 250,000 contact base and unlimited automation, campaigns, target segments and more, we only pay $39 a month. The popular online solutions charge over $1,000 and do less that what we can do. Best decision we ever made and why we are helping other businesses do the same.”


Richard Q

“When the idea for our business first came about, researching and finding out the many faces of owning and operating a business were a given. The most difficult and terrifying—yes, for me, terrifying, aspect was the one of Technology. Not just Technology, but everyyything that goes with that term! Building a website delayed the dream, because my insecurity about how to even begin, was overwhelming at the time. Many options were available, and we decided on Richard, because of his knowledge in all applications of the technical side, he knew the lingo required and where it needed to be, his connections and background, his patience and common sense. We are, thanks to Richard and his expertise, fully functional and integrated for where we need to be at this point in our business, confidently knowing that the “Technical” side of things show well, provide an easy experience for our customers, and as we grow, Richard is several steps ahead of us on how to apply what’s needed next. Thank you, Richard Quatier, for all you have done for us to take the worry out of this part of running a business!”

Lee Grove

Co-Founder, Photonic Therapy NW

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