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When your project calls for an immediate high-level expert, our pool of project-saavy IT resources is just what you need to succeed.

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We believe in speed to market without sacrificing quality and richness of features. This helps reduce the expense of delivering your solution.  Providing experts who merge seamlessly into the ebb and flow of your team is vital to our speed to market philosophy and your bottom line.

We’ve listed a few of the technical roles below to review. Give us a call any time to bring SME’s into your team’s next project.

Choose QuixTec for your IT resources and we will work to prove that decision to be the right one with ever fiber of our being.

Technology Experts you can hire today at the touch of a button.

This is not a complete list of our technical expertise. These are among the most common technologies requested. Phone or fill out our contact form if you have a technology not listed here. We look forward to working with you delivering your next exceptional product.

C plus plus

C Sharp


Java Script

Dot Net


Node JS



Engagement Programs

How To Hire Us!

QuixTec offers many programs to fit your engagement policies. Our process is quick and easy which means getting to your project kickoff sooner.

Our main goal is to help businesses gain peace-of-mind and and begin developing feature rich, user-friendly and future-proofed solutions.

Regardless of the program you choose, they all come with a one-year quality promise, the only one offered in the IT industry. That's how confident we are!

If you want a year of peace-of-mind, call us today and invite us to participate in your next project bid. We'd be honored to be included in your process and even more honored to win you as a client. But what we really love is digging in, putting our heads together and proving ourselves.

Thanks for visiting us today. We hope your questions were answered. If not we'd enjoy hearing from you. We're only ten digits away!



Pre-invoiced based upon per-arranged price with no excess charges! (for longer term projects)

Project Basis

Fixed cost for a project scope billed in intervals! (for larger projects with finalized requirements)

Full TIme

Hire one of our experts dedicated to your team on a full time basis.

Off Site

Remote experts who have years of experience and are less costly to hire.

Part Time

Enlist a part time engineer as you need one when you need just a little help.

On Site

Experienced IT workers occupying a desk in your office every day.

Remote SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Web Developers and Custom Application engineers. Available immediately in your time zone!



If you want to learn IT development and other IT skills then the Microsoft platform with step-by-step training is an excellent place to begin. Training is very good and free. It is for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.  Start your learning today and contact QuixTec any time you need help from a reliable Microsoft Partner. We help businesses of all sizes with training, consulting and resources.

 Visit Microsoft Training Today

858 Power Platform step-by-step courses

All modules with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to get you started building applications quickly. Learn Microsoft Power Platform from Microsoft and call QuixTec when you have questions or want to work with one of our experts.

Visit Microsoft Power Platform Training

517 Microsoft 365 Step-by-step courses

Begin your Microsoft 365 journey here! Start with fundamentals or jump into advanced level development. Enhance the skill sets of your current team. Find answers to difficult business process automation challenges. It’s all here any time you need it. QuixTec is behind you when you need additional guidance and support.

Visit Microsoft 365 Training

82 Microsoft dotNet step-by-step courses

Learn .Net from beginner to intermediate and finally to Advanced levels with these Microsoft courses. Begin building something awesome and continue to enhance it as you learn by doing. When you want to work with a dotNet expert, call QuixTec. We love to work on new projects with budding new developers.

Learn Microsoft .Net development

These and many more courses are available. Take them at your leisure and feel free to call upon QuixTec when you need help. You can hire us to answer technical questions. We can join your team and help deliver that awesome product you have envisioned. Either way, we are here to support you any way we can to help you succeed.

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Let QuixTec experts show you what we can achieve together using the latest processes and technology that gives  you greater flexibility to achieve your ultimate goals. We know that it takes a full-time effort just to keep up with IT industry changes but today’s IT products reduce much of the complexity of the past. And if you have Office 365, with Microsoft’s award winning “Low Code” development processes, you can begin fostering a “Do it yourself” business climate. After that, just rely upon QuixTec to deliver more elaborate and technical design requirements. Call QuixTec today to schedule your project and start delivering the perfect solution. It’s never too late or too early to get started.

QuixTec, LLC is a U.S. certified Veteran Owned, modern DevOps organization that specializes in Microsoft Technologies such as Office 365, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Yammer, Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft PowerBi, Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Bookings, Microsoft Power Virtual Agent, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Lists, Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Sway, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft DevOps, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft DotNet and other technologies for small to enterprise-sized organizations.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you have questions about Microsoft 365, Office 365 or other technologies please contact us. We would enjoy the opportunity to earn you as a customer and will do everything within our power to make sure you are satisfied with our services.

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