Richard’s team is awesome. I highly recommend anyone trying to grow their marketing and sales efforts (in a way that is budget friendly yet massively efficient) Originally I looked into Constant Contact, Mailchimp type services but quickly found that they nickel and dime you for email campaigns, charge thousands for marketing automation features and at the end of the day you have no ownership of the toolset. QuixTec was quite efficient at setting up my cloud toolset. Richard personally helped me daily and allowed me to drive when possible as this helps me learn long term. Getting the first email template built was a breeze with their hands-on guidance. They walked me through every step of building and kicking off our first automated campaign. Within 1-2 days I was seeing site visits and contact form submissions leading to immediate sales. I now own a very extensive toolkit in emailing and market automation and I know how to use it. Richard, even post sale, proactively checks in with me and ensures I know what I am doing and keeps me on track with continued efforts.