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April 9, 2020

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Update – New Feature: Outlook on the web – Files view

MC198342, Stay Informed, Published date: Dec 17, 2019


Updated April 8, 2020: Based on learnings from our early rings, we have made the decision to make additional changes to the code before we proceed with the roll-out. We will deliver a new Message center post once we re-start the roll-out. Thank you for your patience.

The Files view in Outlook on the web is a new Office 365 feature..

  • We’ll be gradually rolling this out in mid-January 2020.
  • The rollout will be completed by the end of March 2020.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 59643.How does this affect me?

Your users will see Files in the module switcher at the bottom of the left navigation column in Outlook.

Files access

When users go to the Files view, they’ll see all the files they have sent and received as attachments from their inbox.

Files view

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?

There is no action you need to take to prepare for this change, but you might consider updating your user training and notifying your help desk.

Please click the Additional information link to learn moreAdditional information

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