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December 20, 2021

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From Microsoft Corporation
Technical Bulletin MC295863 · Published Nov 2, 2021 · Last updated Nov 8, 2021

Message Summary

Updated November 08, 2021: We have updated the content below to show as intended. Thank you for your feedback.

We’re updating the and Office app for Windows experiences. These updates make it even easier to find all the content associated with you, access your apps and templates in one place, take action quickly, and understand what work needs your attention.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 85662

When this will happen:

  • Targeted release in November and expect to complete by mid-December.
  • Standard customers beginning in early January and completing by the end of February.

How this will affect your organization:

Users will have the updates and leverage the new capabilities mentioned below:

Home page updates include: 

  • Recommended actions to help you quickly take action – you can jump into your upcoming meeting, add a To-Do task or reply to recent comments in documents. Easily collaborate on content by Sharing via Teams or booking time to review content with co-workers. Quick access – a section to help you quickly get to the content you care about. You can view this as either a list or cards for a more visual layout. You can easily filter this content by recently opened content, content you shared with others and even your favorite content. But if you want an even more specific filter, you can add a custom content filter based on things like type of content and person who shared it – enabling you to easily get back to the content you are looking for. New Office Home
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My Content updates include: 

  • Here you can view all your content and again view it by recently opened, shared, and favorites. Use the powerful filters to quickly find the right content. You can filter by type of document, activity and time. The activity filter even contains specific filters like document you are @mentioned in. Ability to browse by People and Meetings. When you click on People you can view an easy to digest card view of people and documents they have shared. When you click on Meetings, you can find all meeting content like recordings, meeting notes, and attached documents from your previous meetings. Ability to view content based on where it lives like OneDrive and SharePoint 
  • In addition to the Recommended Actions on the home page, you can also find content actions in line on any of the content lists within by clicking the triple dot menu. With this new release, we’ve added a few new actions, including Convert to PDF, Share to Teams, Add to Calendar, and Add to To Do.

Create updates include: 

  • Ability to create new content using dozens of tools across Microsoft 365, from surveys and brainstorming sessions to reporting dashboards, project plans and more! Start something new from your company’s branded content with easy access to your companies templates in one place Recommended templates across Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to help you get started creating impactful content

What you need to do to prepare:

You may consider updating your training and documentation as appropriate.

You may refer to Get started at for more info on these changes.

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