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December 14, 2021

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(Updated) Yammer Public Links API Changes

From Microsoft Corporation
Technical Bulletin: MC283912 · Published Sep 9, 2021 · Last updated Sep 27, 2021


Message Summary

Updated September 27, 2021: We have updated this message with additional details for clarity. Thank you for your feedback.

We’re making some changes to public OGOs (Open Graph Objects) over the next two quarters. The effected APIs are:

  • GET api/v1/open_graph_objects?url=https://
  • GET /messages/open_group_objects/:id.json

Key points

  • Timing: March 1, 2022
  • Control type: admin control
  • Action: review and assess

How will this affect your organization?

Phase 1 (November 1st, 2021) – No breaking change to GET api/v1/open_graph_objects?url=https://

After November 1st, we will add a list consisting of a single OGO (which is the same OGO currently being returned by the API) to the response of GET api/v1/open_graph_objects?url=https:// – this is unlikely to affect your usage of this API, but we still recommending checking how you are consuming the API before the change happens.

Here is an example of what the response of the API will look like:


“id”: 12345,


“ogos”: {

“id”: 12345,




Phase 2 (February 1st, 2022) – No breaking change to GET api/v1/open_graph_objects?url=https://

Then on February 1st, 2022, all public Open Graph Objects (OGOs) will be associated with only the message it is attached to. These links, and the messages associated with them, are only visible to users who have access to the conversations the Open Graph Objects were a part of.

Previously, there was only one OGO in each Yammer Network per absolute URL. Now there will be multiple OGOs that exist because this new change will create one OGO per message the URL is attached to.

GET api/v1/open_graph_objects?url=https:// – will return, in the existing field, any OGO id from the list. In the new field, it will return the full list of OGOs for that url.

Phase 3 (March 1st, 2022) – Breaking change to GET api/v1/open_graph_objects?url=https://

Following this, on or after March 1st, 2022 you will experience changes to the following APIs:

  1. GET api/v1/open_graph_objects?url=https://
    • If you are using GET api/v1/open_graph_objects?url=https:// – this API will change to only return a list of the OGO ids. Here is an example of what the response of the API will look like: { “ogos”: { “id”: 12345, …. }, { “id”: 67890, …. } }
  2. GET /messages/open_group_objects/:id.json
    • If you are using GET /messages/open_group_objects/:id.json – then after the change you can use any of the OGO ids associated with a URL and this API will return a feed of messages that the user has access to relating to that link.

Note: If you have not developed custom integration with Yammer or use 3rd party software which includes specific API calls, you can safely ignore this message.

Other Updates (available now) 

In addition, if you are using the POST /message.json API and the og_url is a SharePoint URL, to receive a response with metadata for the URL you will need to call this API using an AAD token. Instructions to obtain an AAD token can be found here. Additionally, if using a SharePoint URL do not pass a thumbnail image URL to og_image as Yammer fetches the thumbnail associated with the SharePoint URL. 

What do you need to do to prepare?

If your organization is using any of the APIs listed above, ensure that you plan for this change so it does not break any custom experiences you have leveraging these Yammer APIs. Also, contact the developers of any 3rd party software that you use to make sure that they are prepared for the coming changes to these Yammer APIs.

Additional information:


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