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April 23, 2020

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Updates to Outlook for iOS and Android

MC209415, Stay Informed, Published date: Apr 15, 2020


We are providing support for S/MIME with automated certificate delivery for Outlook for Android. We are also introducing updates that separate work and personal experiences in Outlook for iOS and Android.

These updates are related to Microsoft 365 Roadmap IDs:

  1. Automated certificate delivery for SMIME in Android (59644)
  2. Visual cues by account in iOS (57767)
  3. Work and personal contact separation in Android (56759) and iOS (56758)

How does this change affect me?

1. We have begun rolling out support for S/MIME in Outlook for Android with automated certificate delivery.

As an administrator, you will be able to use Microsoft Intune or another mobile device management solution to deliver certificates to Outlook for Android so your users can utilize S/MIME to digitally sign and encrypt email messages.

Administrators can set an app configuration policy to turn S/MIME On or Off in user settings and configure if their users can change that setting in the app. Note, by enabling S/MIME through app configuration or in the device settings, threaded conversations will be turned off. We rolled out this feature for iOS in January 2020 (MC199562).

See Deploying S/MIME certificates with Outlook for iOS and Android.

2. We have begun rolling out visual cues that differentiate personal accounts from work/school accounts for Outlook for iOS.

  • When a user is logged in to a work or school account, the Office or Exchange icon will appear at the top of the New Message or New Event creation pages.
  • When a user is logged in to a personal account, the display icon will represent the account type (, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).

3. We will soon begin rolling out ways to differentiate personal contacts from work/school contacts for both Outlook for Android and Outlook for iOS.

To minimize the chance that someone in your organization accidentally sends an email or event with work related content to a personal contact, Outlook will only suggest people from Azure Active Directory who are relevant to a user when they are using their work account. Personal contacts will remain accessible but require a deliberate action to add a recipient from a personal contacts list.

When someone is using a personal email account, Outlook will suggest only people from local contacts. The work directory remains accessible but requires a deliberate action to add a recipient from the work account.What do I need to do to prepare for this change?

To simplify how your end users receive certificates to enable and use S/MIME with Outlook for Android, you may wish to set up certificate delivery in Microsoft Intune and use the Authenticator to deliver the certificates once your users have updated their Outlook app.

For other changes, you might consider updating your user documentation and training material.

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