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Trust on our WordPress development services to design and build you the perfect website.

Hire a WordPress Developer

Don’t have the time to build your WordPress site? We do!

When you need world-class WordPress development services, you need look no further than Quixtec.

Looking for a new website or an update to your current one? QuixTec’s seasoned WordPress development services will deliver incredible looking pages that will urge your visitors to do business with you.

Let QuixTec work with you to deliver your next website and get higher quality site pages at a fraction of typical rates. Better yet! Let us guide you while you build it yourself. It’s easier than you can imagine with today’s low-code technology.

Advantages of our  WordPress Development Service

  • Free to use
  • Many free plugins
  • Easy to use
  • SEO Friendly
  • Thousands of page templates
  • Easy & Affordable to host
  • Open Source
  • Easy to Set up
  • Scalable
  • Lots of support available

WordPress Experts for any type of business

We build websites for any type of business, large and small.

Business to Business

Employee-like B2B Websites

Let our experts build you a B2B website that will work like an employee. It will showcase your organization and can be set up to track visitors. Most importantly, only QuixTec offers you a feature-rich marketing platform that will reach out proactively to new contacts. Instead of competing with a horde of competitors to finding ways of enticing  new customers to you, only QuixTec gives you the ability to reach out to contact you don’t yet know and who don’t know about you. Gone are the old days of fighting to gain organic traffic through social medial and click bait in hopes that the right customer happens along. Reach new customers proactively!


 Business to Consumer

B2C Shopping Websites

Our seasoned professionals will create a dynamic WooCommerce shopping website that can be set up to track abandoned carts, make suggestions “Others liked”, “Similar Products” and more.

 We will help you use Square as your inventory sorce of record and update WooCommerce automatically.

Need a reliable backup and restoration process. We can help with that.

We’ll work with you to find the best payment portal for your business.

We’re just a phone call away. Try our WordPress development service today.

Business to Enterprise

B2E High Volume Websites

You can have a website with funnels, different landing pages, popups and a professional marketing platform in the backend.

The beauty of WordPress is that all the fancy bells and whistles can be employed on any of the segments, B2B, B2C, B2E and even B2G.

The only limitation to an outstanding website that blows away your competition is imagination. Let QuixTec experts build a site that matches your personality and style for all the world to see.

Why Hire WordPress Development Services from QuixTec?

Experience that allows us to build beautiful pages faster!

CRM Experience

Your website will be set up to collect visitor information through downloads, forms or WooCommerce purchases.



We strategize with you about content and message so that visitors want to remain on your site and do business with you.


Quality Assurance

While development iterations are occurring week-after-week, an ongoing QA process audits and analyzes every aspect of the solution to ensure it meets requirements and all stakeholders expectations.

Communications between our QA expert, developers and stakeholders is crucial to your project success.

Responsive Design

Your website will look fabulous on every device and it will be user-friendly and inviting.

Quality Development

Certified WordPress develpers are the best in the business and deliver quality sites with a clear message to your customers.

Custom HTML5 and CSS

Our Developers can build websites using HTML5, CSS and a host of other technologies so when your WordPress site needs something special, we can handle it.



Templates for WordPress are a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Looking at templates allows you to understand what is possible for your own website.

Learn to build your own website without writing a single line of code. Our WordPress development services take you step-by-step through page building. You will use a popular drag and drop method. It is how the majority of websites are built today. We love to teach do-it-yourselfers how to become independent and save money.

QuixTec WordPress development services are available for complete website builds that will be the envy of your peers.

Here are just a few template examples. Contact us if you want to see all 1,630 template designs and start building a beautiful and powerful website today.

(425) 367-9025

Get Started

It’s Never Too Late or Too Early to Get Started

Let QuixTec experts show you what we can achieve together using the latest processes and technology that gives  you greater flexibility to achieve your ultimate goals. We know that it takes a full-time effort just to keep up with IT industry changes but today’s IT products reduce much of the complexity of the past. And if you have Office 365, with Microsoft’s award winning “Low Code” development processes, you can begin fostering a “Do it yourself” business climate. After that, just rely upon QuixTec to deliver more elaborate and technical design requirements. Call QuixTec today to schedule your project and start delivering the perfect solution. It’s never too late or too early to get started.

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